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When I picked C up at daycare on Monday afternoon, after asking where her Pop-Pop was, she said, "I want to go to music class, Na Na."  No better endorsement than that!
Best endorsement ever!

My daughter is 2 1/2 and we have been in Anna's class together for almost year. She frequently requests music class songs as her bedtime songs, but the other evening she asked for "Mommy songs." I happily sang her part of James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind." When I started her second song, she stopped me and said excitedly, "That sounds like the same author!" I was singing a different James Taylor song. I am delighted that she has learned to listen so closely. She was thrilled to learn that she was correct--it was the same "author."

Absolutely Delighted!

When we got home from class yesterday, My daughter went running to her toy box to pull out her instrument bag and asked me to make music with her! She also asked my husband the same thing when he got home from work hours later. When I told her I was emailing you about going to class this weekend, she picked up my tablet and told me she was going to email you to say thank you for a great class today. Then she grabbed her baby stroller and told me she would see me later because she was going to Ms. Anna's class. I thought this was all very sweet and wanted to share with you how happy you make her each week. Thank you so much for being such an important part of our week!

Thank you for all you do!


 I wanted to tell you how much my son L and I enjoyed the class.  I decided to enroll my newborn L at the recommendation of S.E. as a way to get out of the house during my maternity leave before I went back to work.  Colleen is an excellent instructor and, to my surprise, my now four month old really enjoyed the class.  I did not think an infant could get so much out of a music class.  He went from sleeping through most of the class to being actively engaged.  I even use the music to calm him down.  My older son W, who is almost three, did not attend class with us (he was in day care during my leave).  We often listen to the CD in the car, and heard W start to sing along.  This past Saturday, I took both W and L  -- W cannot stop talking about how much he loved music class.  So much so I have decided to enroll both kids for the Spring session.   We have gotten a lot out of the class, so I wanted to thank you personally.

J.N. - WInter

Thank you Anna for your terrific program!  B. and I have enjoyed learning and playing tremendously.  Your dedication to music literacy is totally inspirational!  Your class has been an integral part of our smooth adjustment to our new home on the East Coast. Thank you!

With Gratitude,

B., K., D., and Penny (arf! arf!)

B., K., D., and Penny (arf! arf)

"So cute: nate made up a song last night and sang it during our "ababy" (going to sleep) time. And it was a beautiful complex song all in tune-amazing. He is learning so much from u all! Thank you, jill"


I must tell you that my daughter couldn't enjoy music class more. It is the highlight of her week. She truly dances the whole time. As an educator who normally doesn't really care for packaged curriculum, your music classes are the MOST well designed and appropriate classes I have ever been in. They still have a personal touch, and fantastic routines and activities that grow throughout the class.


I wanted to mention that in the course of the past 5 or so weeks, I've noticed a real difference in the way my daughter responds to music and sings along. The Fireworks song and Trot Old Joe are two of her favorites. She also repeats words from songs more often now (music class songs and others too) -- some of it is just where she is with language development, learning new words every day, but I know a good deal of it comes from the encouragement she gets from class. So thanks!


Remember the song we sang ‘mr rabbit, mr rabbit, your ears are mighty long,….’ – I was singing that to him this weekend and he put his arms up and flapped his hands (like tall ears!) each time I got to that part!   My husband was really impressed, as was I!  amazing what they pick up on.   Thanks again for leading such a wonderful program.  We are cutting out all the other ‘planned’ activities as of April so A can just enjoy the spring and summer and run and jump and play during the days, but I just had to keep  up with your program as he really does seem to love it and love the music.  Thanks!
D. Urbanchuk

I just can't say enough about the quality of this program from the materials we received to bring home, to the talent& passion of Anna to the giggles of joy from my daughter as we sing & dance together. Anna is so welcoming & loving to every child & every parent. I also love how flexible she is with make up classes. :-)


HI Anna,
Thanks for making the music class so enjoyable for A, A and myself.
I have had total anxiety about juggling both boys and I was very unsure of how I would handle such a challenge...especially with A on the verge of crawling.
Your natural ability to relate to children of various ages is amazing. I especially appreciate your treatment of A....truck included.
I know some classes will be more challenging than others but at least I am no longer apprehensive about our attendance.
See you Monday!

A. Nathanson

The classes have been truly wonderful, of course, and you're a great leader

 and singer/performer. Looking forward to Monday (and it’s rare for me to say that! :-)

S. Pilla & A. Lucia

"Thank you for a fun class on Saturday and we've been listening to the cd and enjoying it immensely!  Ch.  likes the "Jersey Song".  She means Jumpin' Jim Josie. (smiles)"


This morning we were listening to some of the cd's from class. I wish you could have seen S. You would have been so happy. I have to say it is very clear that he learns so much from class and takes it all. He knew what songs you use scarves for, which ones sticks, etc. He held the beat and was so much fun to watch. Wanted to pass it on.


You're amazing.
Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and inspiring our children... You clearly love what you do and it shows -- and makes SUCH a difference.
Thank you, thank you.
C. talked about you all day today.

S. Marrache

We will miss you and Colleen very much (we are moving to Harrisburg)! You both have been so great and your class really helped open him up. I don't know if I told you but he is the group leader at school when they do their morning sing songs. They sit in a circle and sing and clap and his teacher said he is the one that really gets into it the most and just sings and claps and loves it - sooooo cute!!!!

Thanks so much,

M. Bostic & J.

Also, I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we've been with the class.  A., E., P. and I couldn't be happier!  Anytime we walk near Society Hill Dance Academy, A. starts saying "Anna!  Anna!"  We even have your website picture in an album of family and friends that A. likes to look through!

Thanks again,

J. McNeil & Family

Hello Anna,

Thank you so much for a wonderful class today (and for the great e-mail...I really look forward to reading your thoughts)! We just love the hour we get to spend with you-- it's really such a special experience.

E. Densen

Hi Anna,

We would like to sign I. up for the Saturday Summer session.  I can't tell you how much he LOVES music class.  He talks about it all week and sings the songs (as well as ones he makes up) every day.  He's really in love with music, so I wanted to thank you for making the classes so full of joy and learning.

C. Dubb