Can my family and caretakers have access to the music?

 Can my family and caretakers have access to the music?

YES!  Any adult who is involved in your child's life ( mom, dad, grandparetns, cousins, aunts, uncles etc.) should have access to the music this includes your caretakers.  This can be accomplished through the free "Hello Everybody" app and creating an account.   Please note that the account you create only stays within the app. Nothing gets shared, it is only to make sure everybody in your childs life has accesss to the music.

How to create an account:

1. Download the app  iOS or Google Play

2. Tap the three bars on the right hand side and tap LOGIN

3. You create an account : Use valid email address and you make up a password.

4. Inside every songbook is a special access code for the music being played and sung in class. When yo uget your materials open the app and click to the three bars and select "access code". Type in that code.

5. You share the email address and password associated with this account, with everyone in your family INCLUDING your caretaker!  Once they login under the account you created, everyone will instantly have the music on their devives!  For a caretaker this is so beneficial becasue then they feel part of the class and know the songs and can participate with happieness.    

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